Dr.CO optical ; Eyeglasses for Rhinoplasty (Rhinosurgery)

invented by Medical doctor group

Dr.CO optical is the company which is specialized in producing daily-wear glasses for patients after nose plastic surgery.  

Korean medical doctors established this Dr.CO optical group. (Dr.CO technology is protected by patents and trademark laws.)

Why is Dr.CO glasses so comfortable?

Dr.CO glasses put "No pressure on nose". 

The nosepads of Dr.CO glasses are not located on nose. It is the key point of our technology. 

Commonly, eyeglasses has two nosepads on nose. And the nose and ears support the weight of eyeglasses. Mostly lens part is heavier than leg part, so  most of the weight is supported by the user's nose through two nosepads. So, common eyeglasses put pressure and imprints on nose from wearing. 

Dr.Co is different. 

The nosepads are not located on nose, the location of nosepads is the patent technology of Dr.CO. Dr.CO doesn't put pressure on nose as well as ear or cheeks.  This technique has been developed by lots of trials and errors.

Many "comfort" "lightweight" eyeglasses are in market. But Dr.CO is the only one which doesn't put pressure on nose, even can be worn after rhinosurgery.

After Rhinoplasty (Rhinosurgery)

Nose Comfort and Lightweight

No Pressure on Nose


1. Dr.CO Warranty Policy

we provide the warranty period of one year and if a product covered by this warranty fails dues to a manufacturing defect we will replace it without charge. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care annegligence.  

2. Does the Glasses easily slide down? 

No. Dr. CO glasses have nose base which is not placed on the nose, however it is carefully designed to prevent the slipperiliness and provide a comfortable experinece. Our customers have reported high satisfaction rates for Dr.CO Glasses.

Dr.CO technology is summarized into four points.

1) Dr.Co is designed for after-plastic surgery use. the glasses are designed to prevent any disfiguration of nose that can result from wearing normal glasses. 

2) Beta Titanium Material Lightweight material only used for the high quality products high strength and elasticity tested the frame may withstand high stress. No metal allergies. 

3) An exceptional experience for all the people who wear glasses. Lightweight and comfortable to everyday use. No pressure on nose

 4) It can be worn with nose splint, so it can be worn immediately after plastic surgery

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